How much does Coaster Marketing cost?

Coaster prices range from just under 5 cents per coaster to 27 cents per coaster. There are several variables which affect the cost, such as thickness and quantity ordered. We do offer volume pricing with free storage, so that you can take advantage of our lowest prices. Please contact us so that we will be able to give you a qoute, based on the individual needs of your company.

Can I buy in bulk to save money on my Coaster Marketing project?

Yes! You can save a great deal by buying in volume. We'll store your order, at no additional cost, for monthly distribution for up to one year. Whether you choose distribution on a continous basis, or only on certain months, we've got you covered.

 How long will my Coaster Marketing coasters last?

Coaster duration varies greatly on several factors, the thickness of the coaster, the type of beverage being consumed, whether being used indoors or for outdoor dining, and use regularity. However, on average, you can expect a coaster to last between 2-5 uses.

Is there a limit on how many coasters I can place per Vendor?

Yes, the placement maximum varies from Vendor to Vendor. While Vendor availability is on a first come, first serve basis, we will only place the necessary quantity at a Vendor location, to ensure that all coasters are used during your reserved time period, thus providing maximum results for each of our clients. Please contact one of our representatives for a current list of our Vendor locations, as well as their availabilty.

Can Vendors use advertising coasters other than Coaster Marketing coasters ?

 NO! All approved Vendor locations have signed contracts with our company, agreeing to  use only OUR Coaster Marketing Coasters at thier locations, along with coasters from the National Beverage Industry. Thus insuring our clients that no other advertising coasters will be in our Vendor locations.

How long until my Coaster Marketing coasters are delivered to the Vendors? 

Once you have completed your final proof approval, your coasters will be delivered to the Vendors of your choice in approximately 14-21 days.